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Choice Health Insurance has been in business since 1993 offering healthcare options to individuals and families across the United States. We are the "independent broker," meaning we are not required to offer only one option for any type of insurance. For instance, if you called an insurance company, they would quote you only the plans offered by their company. But, with Choice Health we can quote you all of the plans available in your area regardless of what company offers them. Our Agents are all Licensed and Certified to offer plans on the Federal Exchanges for the Affordable Care Act. We also maintain certification to offer Medicare plans throughout different parts of the United States.

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Our agents are Licensed and qualified to handle all your questions and concerns in regards to updating, renewing, and changing your insurance packages to ensure that you get the most out of your insurance plans as possible.


Each potential client is treated with the utmost respect and care in regards to their individual situation and needs and help you determine the best plan options currently available.


Our Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7 to provide our clients with Identifying and assessing their needs to achieve satisfaction.



Our team of agents are trained and qualified to answer any questions that you may have in regards to Medicare and insurance benefits that are available in your area.


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